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Club Info

Meetings are usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM. The meeting location is currently at the Women’s Club of Garden Grove. Occasionally, there may be a special workshop or group meeting held at 7pm before the regular meeting. Meeting themes vary each month to give the club variety.


Visiting professional magicians have lectured on some FACEt of the magical arts such as stage and close-up magic, mentalism, clowning, hypnotism, and so forth. Among our recent lecturers have been Johnny Ace Palmer, Daryl, Michael Ammar, Dan Harlan, Jay Sankey, Dick Barry, Kevin James, Joe Givan, Vito Lupo, Dan Sylvester, Loren Christopher Michaels, Dave Neighbors, Dean Dill, Kendrick Ice McDonald, Arnold Furst, Phil Foxwell, Mitch Williams, Eric Lewis, Martin Lewis, John Fedko, Bruce Johnson, George Sands, TC Tahoe, and Lee Earle. Lectures are free to all OCMC members and as a courtesy, IBM Ring #96. There is a small cover fee for all other visitors.

Performance Meetings

Members perform acts based on a particular theme such as Mentalism & Bizarre Magic; Valentine's Day Magic; Red, White, & Blue Magic (for the Fourth of July); Open Performances by New Members or Past Presidents, and The Les Rash Close-up Contest. Participation is encouraged at these meetings.

Instructional Meetings

Workshop Nights usually are broken up into smaller groups where a member may give the small group hands-on instruction on a particular effect, sleight, or routine. We try to poll the membership before hand as to what should be covered. We also try to video tape the instructions either before hand or at the meeting. Members may obtain a copy of the video for $5 or providing a blank tape. This provides them with something to refer to later when practicing on their own. We also have a Show & Tell Night where effects are not only performed, but then explained. This usually is just a brief explanation without hands-on instruction. There is also a Magic By The Book Night where effects are only performed, but credit has to be given as to what magic book or magazine the effect may be found.