Board Of Directors

2016 Board Of Directors

President Egbok Kobge                                310-329-3767   No E-Mail

Vice President Phil Ureno                          559-250-5786

Treasurer Steve Nakauchi                           714-839-2459

Secretary/WM/FB Richard Ribuffo         561-445-0301

Membership Director  Frank Yee           714-969-4960

Member at Large Bill Pearce                     714-962-7087

Sgt. At Arms You (Help Wanted)              Please Apply

About Board Roles

The OCMC Board of Directors usually meets at 7:00 PM sometime during the first week of the month at one of the officer's homes. Its function is to carry out the business proceedings of the club and arrange the club events for the year. All members are welcome to attend and offer any input regarding the club.

Nominations are taken for positions on the Board during September and elections are held at the October meeting. The positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sgt. At Arms along with two Elected Members At Large. Any current member may be nominated for a Board office, but the nominee for the President must have either previously served on the Board (by election or appointment) or served on a committee appointed by the Board with proven reliability and devotion to the club. The President may also appoint two additional Members At Large.

The Board may appoint members to carry out various club duties or functions. As an example, one member acts as the Awards Committee, a couple others are in charge of good & welfare as the Sunshine Committee. From time to time, various members not on the Board may be asked to produce a theme magic show for an upcoming meeting, find a location for the annual picnic or banquet, or just help out in general at special events.