About The OCMC

Club History:

The club was founded in 1965 by Bill Davey, Les Rash, Alex “Aldini” Weiner, Ted “Suds” Sudbrack, Steve Schreiner, and several other professional and amateur magicians as THE ORANGE COUNTY MYSTICS. Its purpose was to provide in Orange County a forum for those interested in magic. The club first met in Aldini’s Magic Shop at Chapman & West. The only requirements for membership are that the person be 18 or older and have a sincere appreciation of the magical arts.

In 1975, it became a chapter of the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians (PCAM). Ted “Suds” Sudbrack, OCMC Past President and lifetime member, is also a past president of the PCAM. In 1987, when the club changed its name, Suds designed the above logo which was the winning entry in a contest the club held to design one. The OCMC owns all rights to the logo.

We currently have about 100 current dues-paying members and 11 living life members. Within the membership, we have professional, amateur, and novice magicians for all areas of the art (stage illusions, close-up, comedy, mentalism, clown, etc.).

The club has a reputation of being one of the friendliest groups in the Los Angeles / Orange County area. People have joined from all over the Southern California area, not just Orange County.

When the occasion arises, club members have volunteered their services as magicians to perform for charity events.

Past OCMC Presidents

Ken Klein    2002-2004
Don Black    2001
Ken Klein    2000
Vicki Murrell    1999
Todd R. Reis    1998
Becky Goodyear    1997
Pierre Hathaway    1995 - 1996
Les Gulliver    1994
Todd R. Reis    1992 - 1993
Leland Van Deventer    1991
Chuck Roehrig    1990
Joyce Basch    1989
Stan Mittelman    1988
Herb Clark    1987
Alex "Aldini" Weiner    1986
Floyd Baldwin    1985
Alex "Aldini" Weiner    1983 - 1984
Gary Koch    1982
Jim Cruthirds    1981
Stan Behrends    1980
Les Rash    1978 - 1979
Alex "Aldini" Weiner    1977
Dr. Dale Stewart    1976
Les Rash    1975
Stan Mittelman    1974
Mel Bennett    1973
Bill Pearce    1972
Alex "Aldini" Weiner    1971
Les Rash    1970
Ted "Suds" Sudbrack    1969
Fred Timmerman    1968
Steve Schreiner    1967
Bill "Gumdrops" Davey    1965 - 1966

In 1987, the club changed its name from the Orange County Mystics to the Orange County Magic Club

Presidential terms initially went from calendar mid-year to the following mid-year. At some point which cannot be recalled, it was changed to coincide with the regular calendar year.

Lifetime Members

Alex "Aldini" Weiner
Floyd Baldwin Les Rash
Bill "Gumdrops" Davey
Steve Schreiner
Bill Pearce
Ted "Suds" Sudbrack
Stan Mittelman
Chuck Roehrig
Pat Kass DuVannes
Bob Wagner
Todd R. Reis
Leland Van Deventer
Ellie Kirbus
Ed Kirbus
Frank Banman
And our latest Honorary Lifer Forrest Miller 2003
Honorary Life Memberships are awarded to members, not purchased. Once a year, nominations are taken by the Board of Directors for any members felt to have devoted a high degree of service and energy to the club over an extended period of time.

Honorary Members

Lennart Green
Max Maven
Martin Lewis
Johnny Ace Palmer
David Malek
Kevin Young

Honorary Memberships are awarded to non-members who have supported the club in some unique fashion.

Members Of The Year

Todd Reis 2002
Ken Klein & CeCe Lane 2001
John Zander 2000
Ken Klein 1999
Vicki Murrell 1998
The Member of the Year Award was given for the first time in 1997. Candidates were those members that the Board felt devoted a high degree of service and support for the club over the past year.